Google launches the Developer Preview of Android O,Adaptive icons, PIP and More Now Available

Google Launches the Developer Preview Images for Android O The next major Android Release, Ahead of Google I/O 2017 in May, Just like it did last time for Android N. Google Said that the Next Version of Android will bring New Power and Performance Optimizations and Many New Ways to Extend Your Apps.

Android O Brings Several New Features Such as Notification Channels, PIP, Adaptive Icons, Along with Some of the New APIs — Auto fill, Font resources in XML, auto sizing Text View, Web View Enhancements, and More.


New Features Of Android O :-  


  1. Notifications :- Android O is Adding a New Feature called Notification channels.This will give developers the ability to Group Notifications from their apps into Groups (Say you have a News app and Want to Group Notifications By “Politics” or “Technology”). Users will Then be Able to Manage Those Notifications Based on Those Channels.
  2. Picture in Picture :- Android O Video apps will be Able to Put themselves into a Picture in Picture Mode so that Video will still Play After You Switch to a Different App (Similar to What YouTube does when you press the Back button while you watch a video).
  3. Multi-Display Support: This one is interesting, and One of the Many new features that seem aimed at Both new kinds of Devices and Android on Chrome OS. With this, Developers will now be able to Launch an Activity On a Remote Display.
  4. Keyboard Navigation :- A feature for Android Apps on Chrome OS and will Allow Developers to better support Arrow and Tab Navigation in their apps. “With the advent of Android Apps on Chrome OS and other large form factors, we’re seeing a resurgence of keyboard navigation use within Android apps,” Google Says in Announcement.
  5. Background limits :- The last few Android releases put a heavy emphasis on improving battery life. Android O adds to this by putting Automatic limits on what an app can do while they are in the background. These limits focus on Three areas: Implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. For developers, this may actually be the most far-Reaching of the New Features in Android O and Google explicitly notes they should check out its documentation about these changes.
  6. New Wi-Fi features :- Wi-Fi may seem like an old hat, but Android O is adding support for a few (Relatively) New Connectivity features. The updated OS will support more Wi-Fi Aware features like Neighbourhood Aware Networking (NAN), for example : NAN makes it easy for apps and devices to talk to each other without an internet access point in the middle (or any internet connectivity at all). Google says it is working with partners to bring support for NAN to devices “as soon as possible”.
  7. Better inter-op for Calling Apps :- Android O will make it easier for calling apps to talk to each other and make calls over the carrier network. Developers will now be able to use the new Telecom framework to build their own UI for placing calls and calls will be displayed and controllable via Bluetooth devices with displays like you’d find in a car. For the most part, this looks like a feature the Telecoms will be Happy about But that Won’t matter all that much to users.


There are Obviously a few other new Features and Tweaks here, as well. Those include adaptive icons (similar to what you’ve seen on the Pixel), support for wide-gamut colour capable displays, support for high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs (Which may mean Google, too, is about to ditch the headphone jack on its own phones), a new native audio API, better font support and an improved Web View that has multi-process Mode enabled by default.

Google also Notes that Android O will Support a number of new Java Language APIs and that the Android Run time is now Significantly Faster, with some Benchmarks Seeing a 2x improvement.

Android O is Now available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices on the Android developer Website Here.




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